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Chelsea Flower Show edit

Chelsea Flower Show edit

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Imagine the Oscars but with a grassy carpet, the Met Gala but with more colour and vibrancy, and the BRIT Awards but with more local beauties – it’s time again for the world’s most prestigious horticulture event, the Chelsea Flower Show. Taking place from Tuesday 24 May to Saturday 28 May, the greatest names in greenery have been seeding, sowing and shearing in preparation. And the anticipation has been growing. Whether you’re attending or just digging around for new style inspiration, Tateossian has cultivated a style guide for the occasion.  

The history of the Chelsea Flower Show

Originally known as The Great Spring Show, this agricultural festival was founded by the Royal Horticultural Society in the early 1800s. The show has changed locations multiple times in its history but in 1912 found its home. The Great Spring Show was temporarily suspended that year for a once-off event: the Royal International Horticultural Exhibition. Harry Veitch, a member of exclusive horticulture committees and sub-committees, as well as an accomplished nurseryman secured the Royal Hospital Chelsea (RHS) for this event. And ever since, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show (as it is now known) has been held at this location.

What you can expect from the Chelsea Flower Show 2022

Attended by some 168,000 visitors (limited only by the size of the 11-acre farm), the Chelsea Flower Show is the event for all nature lovers – green thumbs not necessary. It takes roughly 8,000 people to put the Show together from garden designers to catering crews and volunteers. If this is your first time attending the Show, expect more than just a nursery. It’s a seasonal spectacle that anyone would say is worth a visit.

From balcony gardens to houseplant exhibits and feature sites, there are many categories, catering to all types of gardeners. A new category introduced this year is All About Plants, a look at the positive power of plants on mental health, community, and industry. For the 2022 Chelsea Flower Show, designers were encouraged to bring the wild back to their gardens and use native species as much as possible. Some gardens to look out for include Joe Swift’s collaboration with BBC Earth which celebrates pollinators, and Juliet Sargent’s Discover Soil which is a look at the critical foundation of gardening.

Chelsea Flower Show style guide

The Chelsea Flower Show is a wealth of inspiration not just for gardeners – luxury accessories are in full bloom too. Whether you are strolling around the show gardens or want to spring clean your wardrobe with some seasonal picks, take inspiration from the Show and go wild with Tateossian’s top pick: lapel pins.

As far as accessories go, lapel pins are perhaps the most undervalued. These handsome accessories are unisex, highly versatile and add a whimsical delight to any outfit. And there is no better occasion for a plant-inspired pin than the Chelsea Flower Show. Satisfy classic sensibilities with an unmistakable rhodium red rose, featuring beautiful red and green enameling on the petals and leaves. Or for a modern twist, choose the rose gold black rose, with strikingly contrasting petals and stem. As Anne Bronte said, “He who dares not grasp the thorn should never crave the rose,” and for that both rose pins possess those that must come with beauty – thorns. For a minimalistic alternative to the rose pins, the Cinnamon fern pin is a perfect choice to add a horticultural element to the outfit whilst allowing other accessories to shine alongside. All are a perfect choice for a day at the Chelsea Flower Show.  

Rose lapel pin with red enamel and rhodium finish Palladium plated Cinnamon Fern lapel pin

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