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The beauty of the stacking bracelet trend is that the combinations and possibilities are endless. Every customer can choose bracelets to create a look that matches their personality and build a versatile collection that is suitable for any occasion.

The method for creating the perfect bracelet combination is choosing key points; a main colour theme and a metal tone. For example, shades of blue with a black rhodium finish. Keeping to a theme creates a polished look. Choose bracelets with different textures, one in leather, one with beads and one in metal, for an effortlessly stylish look.

We recommend not mixing too many colours or shades of metal, as this will help keep the look sleek. It is also wise to keep the occasion in mind, rubber bracelets are more suitable for the beach, while diamonds should be avoided. Not wearing two metal clasps against each other will also help keep the bracelets in pristine condition.